5th day, 12th month (Dance’s End) of 526 A.F. (continued)

Danicia brought a posse of Giff down to aid the party, but on finding the room full of gunpowder realised that the explosives had to be made safe. She suggested to the party that they should leave chalk marks to show where they have gone and make a big noise if they need reinforcements, and urged them to pursue the Kobolds deeper into the strange hidden dungeon beneath the palace. As the party progressed, they passed some jail cells (including one occupied by a kobold who tried to slow them down with caltrops and flee to warn the others, who was stopped by a carefully thrown axe from Vala. Beyond this strange underground prison area they found another set of chambers built from natural caverns, which seem to have been used for cultic purposes by worshippers of the Laughing Wolf. Deciding to ignore a strange wooden box which was making curious rustling noises, the party pressed on until they reached a set of luxuriously appointed chambers, within which a group of kobolds laid wait for them in ambush.

Recognising the signs of a trap this time, the party successfully managed to get the drop on the kobolds, and a lucky thrust from Oswyn saw him slay the kobolds’ war-weasel in one blow. The party then faced off against the kobold horde…



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  1. I mun grab that fur on’t road back.

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