9th-10th Day, 12th Month (Dance’s End) of 526 AF

The party spent a couple of days to recuperate and to allow Vaclav and Professor Athjiari to sort out the logistics of securing and exploring the dungeon beneath the palace.  Then they gathered to hear Vaclav’s findings. The various ways down from the palace into the first dungeon level had been discovered; most disturbingly, one of them was through the walls of a wine cellar, which seemed to be designed to allow members of the cult of the Laughing Wolf to snatch unsuspecting kitchen staff for sacrificial purposes. (This coincided in Lorok I’s time with a number of staff going missing – it was assumed at the time that they simply quit under the stress of dealing with Lorok’s cruel and unpredictable behaviour.) Some stairs downwards to deeper levels had been discovered, but they were all sealed partway down by massive stone blocks inscribed with the phrase “SEALED IN THE NAME OF LOROK” in the Shining Tongue, the language of the Empire of Executioners. Additionally, a number of archways had been discovered, most of which seemed to have some form of magical field filling them, and inscribed with intricate scenes taken from the era of the Empire of Executioners.

It was proposed that the party should investigate these archways and see if they could determine what was behind them, in order to see if there were any way to access the lower levels. The party set off to do so, stopping off along the way in order to examine a curious prison cell along the way in which there had been placed two statues – one of Queen Chand, chained to the wall, one of the Burning Judge (or possibly the Tyrant disguised as the Burning Judge) standing in the corner. There was also a cabinet, which Scabbard was able to open (unfortunately failing to disarm the associated trap before doing so) to reveal an old book, with a title marked “INTERROGATION NOTES” in the Shining Tongue.

The party then made their way to a cluster of archways to the south. Nearby, they discovered a deep chasm. Staring down there, Vana’s keen dwarven infravision revealed a hole in the chasm wall some way down, and the party considered dropping a rope down to explore the hole later on. Turning their attention to the archways, Vaclav soon worked out the principle behind them: most of them (except for one which didn’t seem to have a magical trap associated with it) depicted classic styles of execution from the Empire of Executioners; reciting the name of the execution style in the Shining Tongue would, it appeared, temporarily dispel the fields. This did not stop Scabbard from sticking his head through two of them (one of which had no effect that Scabbard was able to notice, one of which caused him to lose all hearing until he pulled his head back). Behind the silencing field, Scabbard saw a strange courtroom in which 18 skeletons stood as the “jury” and court officials, with another statue of Queen Chand standing in the dock and another Statue of the Burning Judge (or the Tyrant as the Burning Judge) presiding. The party decided not to tangle with the skeletons but to move on to the final arch. Vaclav, deciding to brave any danger his brother was willing to, stuck his head through and immediately fell asleep. Unable to rouse him, the party took him to Professor Athjiari, who as luck would have it had made a study of onieromancy. Athjiari’s news was grave: unless drastic action were taken, Vaclav would sleep for thirty years…


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  1. Fer a smart lad, that Vaclav don’t half do a fair take on a fool. Bloody wizards, allus gettin thessels int mire an needin a hand out… mindthee, Jack’s no berrer, bur he is a sight luckier.

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