27th Day, 12th Month (Dance’s End) of 526 AF (continued)

After much consideration, the party decided to risk looking beyond the double doors, to discover a bizarre scene: seven stone coffins stood upright with warriors in archaic armour slumbering in them, all facing a chest at the centre of the room. Jack Scabbard determined that there were no mechanical traps in the room, but Vana’s Smith-given power of detecting magic ascertained that there was strong magic surrounding the sleeping guardians and a weak magic contained within the chest.

The party decided to back away from this strange chamber and instead turned its attention to the door with necromantic markings around it. They ascertained that it had been locked with wizardry, but were able to cut open a hole large enough to see through, and ascertained that there was a confused collection of polearms and bones within.

At Grat’s urging, the party decided to investigate the matter of this “spirit” which sings fearful songs somewhere to the south of the level. Along the way, they tried to avoid contact with the other goblins, worrying that they’d react the wrong way to Grat collaborating with the party. They avoided one of the main guard posts, but through ill fortune ran into a patrol. Grat tried to fast-talk them, but the patrol turned hostile and slew him, and turned their attentions to the party. The ensuing fight went ill for the heroes, with Oswyn receiving a vicious cut that would heal to a large and permanent scar. Poor Jack suffered even worse, coming away with a broken left arm and a severed right arm. The party fought a fighting retreat, with Vana heroically standing toe to toe with the goblins and Scabbard and Oswyn supporting her with missile fire as Vaclav hustled Jack to safety.


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